Thursday, February 17, 2011

candy stripes

I had the most amazing sewing lesson with my dear friend's Mum a few weeks ago...absolutely brilliant. I came away inspired and ready to practise my little heart out...but the days are melding once again.  I'm a terrible student and haven't managed any 'homework'...when speaking to Christine yesterday I had to admit my failings!  But it's not for lack of wanting...I just need to allow myself time and not rush it or my patience will be tested!

I fell in love with this candy striped material...isn't it pretty?  But stripes are possibly just a little too ambitious of me...not the most ideal pattern for (perfectionist) beginners right?  The inspiration also took me to my mother's sewing box and her trusty scissors and measuring tape - the scissors came up a treat when I had them cleaned and sharpened.  I'm hoping her love will help me keep calm when my first attempts might be a little short of 'just right'!

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