Saturday, February 19, 2011

building dreams

Today is my sweet Mummy's, like everyday, I miss her terribly.

Today, I thought would be the perfect day to celebrate the opening of my little boutique paperie...but in true 'Mum' style, I'm running just a tiny bit late!  But there are virtual walls being built and shelves to stock - my, what a task for someone who is as technologically challenged as me!  Dreams, after all, take time...but soon, my friends there will be a whole lot more to share...

And Mum, remember those cups of tea we shared...the business names we came up with...the beginning of the dream?  It's nearly here...

the trees that are slow to grow bear the most fruit


  1. Wow!! I can't wait for the launch!! So exciting :-) Your mum would be so proud!!

  2. soon...very soon! I can hardly wait...thanks for all the encouragement! x


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