Tuesday, September 7, 2010

home sewn

I've long admired this book...it is so beautifully presented and comes complete with patterns.  Now I have a copy of my very own.  And, I've bought a sewing machine - very basic, but that's all I require for I am but a beginner (at the very earliest of stages)!  I admire, and am greatly inspired by Christie - what gorgeous, gorgeous pieces she creates and makes.  I think these lovely throw pillows might be my first serious attempt at sewing...what do you think?  What makes this book is the beautiful fabrics...I'll be looking out for similar linens and prints as they really are so pretty.

For more pretty things (and linen too)...love, loans + linens has launched their online store today.  Pop on over, it's just lovely.

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  1. Go girl!!! You are so creative and talented, you will sew some stunning items! :-)


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