Thursday, May 26, 2016

seasons end

autumn evening in paradise...

Friday, May 6, 2016

still, life

'An exhibition of vessels for flowers and foliage
created by a wonderful and diverse group
 of Australian ceramic artists'

I think this may be my favourite exhibition yet Kylie - your little space brings me peace and fills my heart...always.  My visit yesterday into your little world, along with your warm hug, gave me more than you'll every know - thank you my friend.

This beautiful exhibition is on until 14 May at Paper Boat Press - it's pure magic.

Friday, April 29, 2016


the best thing you can do is
not think
not imagine
not wonder
not obsess

just breathe
and have faith

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Today, 01 March, is my gorgeous Grandmother's birthday - she would have been 111.

Grandma had an extraordinary love for flora (and fauna too!), her garden was always filled with the prettiest blooms and the most delicious herbs and vegetables.  I think my love for gardening and flowers comes from her, through my darling Dad.

Not so long ago I took up photography to capture these beauties and admire them for more than just a few days.

And doodle, I've always doodled and grew up learning to write with a fountain pen and ink.  I am fascinated by typography and lettering in all it's many beautiful forms.

A couple of years ago, on a whim and with the notion of picking up long ago pens, I made my way to Byron Bay and spent a morning of wonder with the very delightful and super lovely Sabine Pick.  My desire to write again was awakened - Sabine is so kind and really such a treasure - her style and lettering just mesmerising.

And then last year, I was privileged to attend two workshops at Megan Morton's "The School".  The first, a day with Maybelle Imasa - oh my, what a beautiful, gentle soul with such talent - her penmanship is just breathtaking.  As a wedding present from my husband, this day will always hold such magic which I endeavour to take into my everyday.

The second day was a morning with Ashley Woodson Bailey as she shared her love of floral photography (or florography).  Again an amazing and inspiriting soul.  I came home with a full heart and a head brimming with creativity.

Almost 20 years ago I registered my business name - Inkala Images.  Finally, my ideas are clear and it is becoming a reality.  And so my friends, here is the beginnings of a wonderful journey - I'm excited, inspired, daunted and so very determined.  I'm ever mindful of Maybelle's "perfectly imperfect" as I navigate my way and I'm hoping you join me on this adventure...

And Grandma, Happy Birthday!  It only seemed right I shared this on your special day xox

{coming soon a little about my creative weekend with Maybelle and Ashley all those months ago}

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

days end

wedding gifts and collected treasures
a pine cone from Byron View Farm
seashells from our Tasmanian honeymoon

Sunday, January 31, 2016

blessed beginnings

waking to quiet bird song amongst the mist
stopping time to recall the fairytale that was
just hours before

the laughter and love

...and so happy ever after begins

Thursday, December 31, 2015

love & cherish

As this year draws to a close, I'm recalling all that was 
this beautiful hideaway and time in particular.

I'm still left without words to describe the magic and wonder of this day..

our day, 
21 March 2015

My heart overflows with all that was, 
the memories we recall almost daily
(like dancing in the rain)
 The love that we shared with those who mean so much
 and who travelled so far to be with us.

This day, cherished for ever more.


all images by the very beautiful ash oostdyck 

Monday, December 28, 2015

joyeux noel

the first as husband and wife...

carefully chosen surprises
new traditions begun
and old ones shared
fun and laughter
family and love.

the merriest of merry

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

signs of summer...

can it be, already?

I'm all over the head is filled with so many wonderful ideas for my blossoming project, so dear to my heart.  I'm so excited, I don't really know where to start and that's not a good thing!

I need a list.  To tick things off one by feel like I'm making progress!  My desk is a project must be finished before I really get down to business.

So in this little space, I'm a little hap-hazard as well.  I think I'm just going to embrace this and share little things that have happened along the way, in this wonderful year that is rapidly coming to a close.  I've yet to share our wedding (oh my, there are no words for this day...just moments captured so beautifully), our road-tripping in Tasmania (it was cold and funny and oh so spectacular) and the days with amazingly creative souls who have opened my mind and heart and encouraged me no end...I'm truly grateful for all of these opportunities.

My head is a little full but my heart really is overflowing.