Saturday, December 5, 2009

star above

Thank you dear Kylie, this is simply perfect.
You'll notice, in time, that stars find their way into my work. Almost fifteen years ago, with my gorgeous Mother's help, I came up with, and registered my business name. The dream has been burning for a long time. I now think of her shining above me, guiding me and silently encouraging me in making this little dream a reality. Combined with my wonderful Dad's handy work - I really am blessed to have people around me to encourage me in my endeavours... however that might be.


  1. Wow - the star is just beautiful!
    And you are a star too!!!
    Its so nice to have a great network of family helpers - both here and beyond!
    I can't wait for the official launch of all your designs and goodies :-)

  2. With some persistance and determination Ingrid it won't be long before your dream does become a reality!!


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