Monday, November 30, 2009

perfectly miniature

As Christmas fast approaches, I've realised I'm rather less organised than I would ordinarily be. I choose and purchase my Christmas gifts throughout the year, tucking them away only bringing them out in time to wrap (with love, of course), attach my Christmas card and then watch as the recipient opens their little surprise. For me that's the best part - the wrapping and giving.

This beautifully bound miniature book (it stands only 4cm high) was bought a few years ago - quite the perfect gift for my dear friend. It is reminiscent of the many notebooks of thoughts, ideas and sometimes ramblings we used to share between us at High School long before text messages arrived! From those notebooks we progressed to letters that travelled across the many seas and oceans between us. This year Melissa has come home - no more letters delivered to the post box but in their place good times, laughs and dreams shared in person.

For the time being this little book will stay with me - it reminds me of so many happy moments shared and maybe, just maybe one day I'll write more thoughts and dreams on these sweet little pages and send it across the seas...or give it in person as we catch up for another coffee and chat.


  1. That's so cute! What a great gift idea :-)
    I hope Miss Molly is all better now.
    You must bring her with you to my Vietnamese Tea Party! Patsy would love a furry playmate :-)

  2. Now that is very cute ... could be a bit tricky to write in though???!!!


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