Sunday, December 13, 2009

capturing joy

Nestled on the banks of the gorgeous Brisbane River is the amazingly vibrant, industrial and contemporary Powerhouse Museum. The most perfect location to learn more about the art of photography, to learn to take better photos! Whilst today's course wasn't about taking landscape photos (but I will be booking a spot soon!), I just couldn't resist capturing the creative vibe of this beautiful building.
Today was about capturing joy - the tricks, tips and 'insider secrets' on photographing those magic moments shared between family and friends. Being tailor made to my camera was brilliant and with less than two weeks until Christmas the timing was perfect! Finishing the day with a most scrumptious lunch overlooking the river with two dear friends really was a heavenly way to spend a very hot Sunday!
For some inspiration, stop by Kellie's sweet little blog...who knows you might find some divine treats for those Christmas stockings!


  1. Thank you dear for the sweet mention! How lucky are you to be able to take that course! Sounds like lots of fun.

  2. Amazing pics! Sounds like a great day :-)

  3. You graduated from the course with honours Ingrid!!

  4. The building looks amazing. I recently went to the Finders Keepers market at The Carriage Works and found myself totally side-tracked by photographing the building, I keep meaning to post about it! Your shots are great x

  5. Thank you kind people...I'm rather 'snap happy' at the moment and rather chuffed with some of my results! x


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