Wednesday, December 16, 2009

around the world...

and across this great brown land, little red envelopes filled with love and friendship travel. I adore the traditions of Christmas, in particular sharing moments of the year with those dearest to us. There are almost 120 of these little envelopes filled with Christmas cheer - a wonderful reflection on the strong bonds my parents have kept across the many, many years of living and travelling abroad. And so, to preserve these connections and memories I keep my Mother's tradition - besides, I too can rekindle friendships of little playmates through their parents! From the Channel Islands, the UK, France, Portugal, the US to Egypt, Borneo, Hong Kong, Solomon Islands, New Zealand and beyond...memories and joy are returned.

I think my own cards will be a little late as a result...but does that really matter?


  1. Lovely!! So nice to have so many wonderful international connections and sweet memories to cherish.
    Better late than never ;-) so don't be worried!

  2. There's something special about receiving a 'real' letter in the post!


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