Wednesday, October 21, 2015

signs of summer...

can it be, already?

I'm all over the head is filled with so many wonderful ideas for my blossoming project, so dear to my heart.  I'm so excited, I don't really know where to start and that's not a good thing!

I need a list.  To tick things off one by feel like I'm making progress!  My desk is a project must be finished before I really get down to business.

So in this little space, I'm a little hap-hazard as well.  I think I'm just going to embrace this and share little things that have happened along the way, in this wonderful year that is rapidly coming to a close.  I've yet to share our wedding (oh my, there are no words for this day...just moments captured so beautifully), our road-tripping in Tasmania (it was cold and funny and oh so spectacular) and the days with amazingly creative souls who have opened my mind and heart and encouraged me no end...I'm truly grateful for all of these opportunities.

My head is a little full but my heart really is overflowing.

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