Saturday, October 10, 2015


I find myself torn between my favourite seasons...I adore autumn for the warm hues of the changing leaves, of the cosy evenings indoors and the walks in the brisk air and yet still feeling the sun kiss my cheeks.  And then there is much colour and freshness, crisp bright leaves and blossoms of every colour, the optimism of new growth and even sunnier days.

When there is opportunity for the two to collide, my heart sings!  Last year, my surprise was at the beginning of autumn in the northern hemisphere - the tiniest hint really, but gosh it was pretty!  Returning home meant that spring had bloomed in all her glory.  I couldn't have been happier!

Of course, in my part of the world, our seasons are less distinctive and finding hints of each one is a treat to savour.

These little moments were captured across a couple of days wandering the countryside near Harpenden with my dear friend Jane.  There were long evenings and sweet little places to retreat to for scrumptious food.  Treasures times with the dearest of friends...loads of laughter and reminiscing. Was it really a year ago?

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