Friday, January 24, 2014


I spent a couple of days in Melbourne last week.  The main purpose was to go to the tennis.  We were so lucky and were privileged to see Rodger Federer play…he is the ultimate sportsman on and off the court.  The atmosphere was electric and of course, the tennis was brilliant.  Quite how the players (and us!) survived the heatwave I'm not sure, but gosh it was worth sticking to the chair for!

The dear friends I met, had another must do on my lightening visit…Koko Black.  Have you seen the movie 'Chocolat'?  This amazing little chocolatier reminded me so very much of that.  It is equal parts charming and oh so delicious!  I do love chocolate, just a little bit...often.  This visit was pure decadence and I just couldn't get through my sweet treats.  I'll blame the heat and I'm assured that it is one of the best places to pass a winter's afternoon…hot chocolate in this sweet corner on cold Melbourne afternoon what could be better?

I need to return…soon!

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