Tuesday, July 20, 2010

following dreams

Oh my, another little doorstep delivery!  I'm so utterly spoilt!  This sweet little guy came at just the right time.  I've never lost sight of my dreams and always follow them passionately, but sometimes I become distracted.  Sometimes everyday life takes hold and sometimes I'm guilty of 'perfection paralysis'.  And so tomorrow I will make time to be creative, to finish at least one of the endeavours for my little paperie. I'll try to remember it's the idiosyncrasies and slight imperfections that make each piece individual, that makes them just so.  And I'll write a list of all the wonderful images and ideas that are flying around in my head...I've a little dream to follow after all!

Oh...and isn't the texture of this envelope just divine?  I can't help but touch it over and over.  

1 comment:

  1. Sooo beautiful - great colour too!!! I want someone to deliver something nice for me too - all i've gotten lately are cardboard cartons and packing tape!!
    Enjoy your gift to self, and happy creating!! Can't wait to see your designs out there!!!


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