Wednesday, June 30, 2010

doorstep deliveries

There have been some sweet little deliveries left on my doorstep over the last few weeks.  So much nicer than those rather horrid envelopes with clear windows!  These gorgeous 'somethings' came from faraway and oh so close...birthday surprises to treasure.

The scent of the daffodils was lovely...they were so tiny and yet so perfect and cheery.  They came wrapped with love from my dear, dear friend and my adorable god children - all the way from England.  Such a nice surprise just before my birthday.

And Pia's book.  Oh, how I've wanted this so!  To escape reality and wander the backstreets of Amsterdam.  Exploring, admiring and being inspired by the very talented artisans featured throughout this
pretty little book - quite the masterpiece in itself.  It arrived only two days ago and I'm still wandering through each page...To my wonderful brother and his beautiful wife - thank you!  It is certainly another treasure to add to my collection! 

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