Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I gingerly started a little journey on this day last year…it’s quite the adventure!  What a wonderful world there is to explore within this amazing community…so many, many inspirational, talented and kindred spirits both near and far. Each day, a joy to sneak a peek into the lives and dreams of others, to watch endeavours unfold, milestones achieved and most importantly of all, the reminder that it is the little moments in life, captured and remembered that are most treasured of all.  And, after all, it is the journey rather than the destination that is important.

To those that have stopped by...thank you!  I hope your visits have brought a ray of sunshine to your days.

A sweet cupcake to celebrate...made with passion fruit picked straight from my dear friend’s vine. Gentle encouragement to continue to follow my dreams with passion and determination. To believe.


  1. Oh happy day to you. Congratulations. It's an amazing journey isn't it and you can never go back... it's like you can't 'unknow' something when you know it. Once a blogger, always a blogger I say. Very special. Enjoy your sweet little cake..it looks delicious! A-M xx

  2. Congratulations and happy birthday/anniversary! Cupcake looks delicious :-)

  3. Just found you on A-M's blog. Congratulations on 1 year of blogging. Nice to meet another Gold Coaster.

  4. What a beautiful blog. And it seems I have a whole year to catch up on!



  5. Yum!! love passionfruit, just found your blog through Ange at chair up...its a funny web this blogging, cheers Katherine


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