Wednesday, March 31, 2010

nice package

I just couldn't resist...these lovely candy colours on super cute wooden spools!  Perfect for wrapping little (and big!) girls presents with.  My nice package arrived last week, adorned with a sweet note and some extra twine - so lovely.  Sadly, the Nice Package store has since closed (I hope temporarily) but you can still be inspired by visiting Ez's gorgeous blog, Creature Comforts.

Oh, and another very yummy 'package' was delivered this evening  - freshly picked raspberries straight from my Dad's garden...soooo delish! Completely out of season, yet the canes are producing so many scrummy berries and they are my absolute favourite!

1 comment:

  1. Those spools of twine are just gorgeous. I wouldn't want to use them, just look at them and play with them!
    I've been buying fresh raspberries here still too - really out of season, but such a treat and I'm not complaining!


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