Friday, February 19, 2010


Bunny was my mother's most precious possession - she was her confidante, her comfort and her most treasured friend as a young girl at boarding school in Kenya. Many, many miles away from her beloved parents and only six, bunny comforted her when she was homesick, gave her the most lovely hugs, often wiping away tears and listened to her school yard tales. Sewn with love by her mother, Bunny and her babies were always there.

Bunny now has a special place in my home - a little worn out with love but still so comforting. A small piece of history...if only she could share those childhood secrets.

Today is my darling Mummy's birthday.
Tonight there will be a star twinkling ever so brightly,
watching over us
...shining love upon us.


  1. What a beautiful post in memory of your mummy!
    Buuny is so adorable - if only she could share some stories with you ...
    Enjoy your day of cherising lovely memories :-)

  2. Wow. What a beautiful possession ... I can't imagine how hard it would have been for your mum to be sent off to boarding school at the tender age of six years old. As it was hand made by her mum, I'm sure she held onto it lovingly and tightly - just like you're doing right now.

  3. I am late commers..;) Your mother's bunny is the most cherish one. Kenya? How far!
    Happy birthday to your mum!!


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