Monday, February 15, 2010

beautifully bound

I think these are quite possibly my favourite books. Amazing photos, inspirational words, lovely textures and, quite coincidentally, all by talented Australian women.

Sadly I was unable to meet Pia in person at her book signing whilst she was spending the summer in disappointing for me. Her take on life and adventures are wonderful - I'm constantly in awe. Her book, 'Paris: Made by Hand' makes me want to wander through Paris once more, this time exploring the 'real' Paris and not just it's more famous icons. It is with great anticipation I await the release of Pia's latest publications, 'Amsterdam: Made by Hand' and 'My Heart Wanders'.

However, I'm most excited about meeting the lovely and talented Kylie once more - her latest book of sweet poems, 'a once courageous heart' is to be launched on 05 March and I'm hoping to attend this special event. I do so love 'count me the stars'.

I know my little collection above will increase ever so soon and for that I can hardly wait!


  1. Ooooh - I would have loved to have met Pia too!! Maybe next time .....

  2. These books sound so inspiring Ingrid - and not just nice to look at!

    I too have an ever expanding library - brain food is simply the best!!

  3. Etcetera Etc is my all time favorite book and I must say I have quite a few , I have a little post on my blog entitled "design books",I think out of all the books in the photograph this one stands out the most.

  4. Oh, I want all of these books.
    Will have to order Sibella's as I type, and I cant wait for Pia's next book:)


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