Sunday, June 19, 2016

winter hues

With remnants of autumn clinging on to the branches in the richest of hues and tones, we wandered amongst the lovely that is Tamborine Mountain Botanical Gardens.  Mostly, the flowers were passed their best, the roses weary.  Even the camellias seemed to be tired of flaunting their beauty.  Maybe it was just the overcast day...maybe we just struggled to find our photographic inspiration.  Perhaps we just weren't opening our eyes and minds fully to the beauty that is the beginning of winter in these parts.

Looking up the colours were rich and warm.  Quite happy to pose amongst the leaves was the sweetest, most photogenic kookaburra I have come across.  He tilted his head from side to side, almost saying 'this side, or this one...I'm rather fond of both myself'.  I dare say he has had a few photos taken in his lifetime!

Looking down there were the prettiest pinks and bright pops of blue.  Even with our lack lustre photographic spark, we still managed to dust off the cameras and find moments of beauty.

I love the idea of cool, crisp days and cosy nights in (preferably with rain creating a beautiful rhythm on the tin roof).  I do love winter and her veiled charm.

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