Saturday, September 26, 2015


This morning I went down to Byron to go to the beach side was raining and windy and cold.  I wandered through the lovely stalls briefly, jumping the puddles and battling the other umbrellas, and then found myself the last remaining spot in amongst the many cafes for coffee and breakfast.

I ended up next to a lovely young family who were holidaying from Sydney...despite the weather, they were laughing and happy and embracing the slower pace.  Their smiles and holiday happiness was contagious.  When he went to pay for their treats, the gentleman told his wife that he'd asked the lady behind the counter to 'pay it forward', leaving money to pay for someone elses coffee.  It caused complication with the billing process (sometimes I believe we are just a little too reliant on technology and the limitations it has) but they assured him they would make it happen.  I remarked that hearing this had made my day and got me thinking about this random act of kindness.  I too, will pay it forward with a random act of kindness in the days ahead and again in the months ahead...what  a wonderful way to bring a smile to strangers and to warm one's own heart.

When I went up to pay, there by the register was a hand written note with enough coins for a tea or coffee.  The note read...

'pay it forward'

{byron fresh...such a lovely spot}

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