Monday, October 28, 2013

a kinfolk gathering...

Last Sunday I had the privilege of participating in the Brisbane Kinfolk Gathering.  It was equal parts wonderful and amazing and inspiring.

The location was perfect for a spring evening...there were sparkling lights, jacaranda trees in full bloom and a soft chorus of bugs as the sun went down.  Oh and the food and wine, delicious beyond description...simple and scrumptious.  But mostly, it was so nice to gather with old friends and meet new ones too, to talk and laugh and stop and enjoy more than a moment but rather many moments of togetherness...

To spend time with kindred spirits is truly a magical experience and one we should all endeavour to do more often.

Special thanks goes to Lou and Kristina for making a beautiful notion become an enchanting girls are just so delightful and I'm so glad our paths have crossed and are crossing just a little more frequently these days.

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