Thursday, August 22, 2013

sweet song

a little visitor to the garden today...for such a tiny wee soul he had the sweetest of songs.


  1. Hello Ingrid, I have just discovered your blog via Besotted Brand Blog where you won a prize. Lucky girl. But to get back to your blog I so enjoyed seeing the photos and your thoughts about where those spoons had been. My sister and I have also been packing up the family home and the memories that each little item conjures up is so bitter sweet that we hardly disposed of anything. We will add our energy to the treasures and hopefully they will go onto the next generation. Will visit often.

    1. Oh Trisha...thank you so much for your kinds have made my day!

      I am such a sentimental soul and it was so hard sorting through so many treasures. I do often wonder where things have been and what they have seen...and the family celebrations they have been part of! I have many boxes that are now in my own garage!

      So thrilled you stopped by...I'm not the best blogger but when my time and inkling takes hold I love this little space and the wonderful people it connects me with!

      Have a lovely day! x

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you...that's such a lovely compliment! So glad you've come by for a looking forward to exploring your little space too!

      Happy weekend! x


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