Saturday, March 30, 2013

finding treasures...

Among the treasures found while packing up the family home with my dear Dad, was this sweet collection of silver spoons. They belonged to my Grandmother - and have travelled the world.  There is a date on one - I imagine it must be the date of my mother's Christening, just under one month after she was born.  I know for sure that spoon has been to England, Kenya, New Zealand, Brunei and Australia.  I wonder who has held them; what stories were told as sweet treats were eaten...imagine the secrets they could share!

Do you think that little one is a forget-me-not?  How appropriate...

And the pinking shears - what a fabulous find, still in their original packaging (that alone intrigues me).  I'm not able to sew (oh, how I wish I could), but I love these!  They just need to be sharpened and polished up and they really will be just like new!

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