Thursday, March 21, 2013

after the storm...

Poor Tamborine Mountain took a battering a few weeks ago...the storms were ferocious and the damage immense.  I can only imagine how terrifying it was for the animals that call the rain forest home.  Century old trees uprooted and tossed around like twigs...palm trees didn't stand a chance.  Slowly though, there are new signs of life...the prettiest of pretty shining through.

I had gone into the forest to practise my photography after completing a wonderful workshop on the sunshine coast (which has also had its fair share of inclement weather these last few months).  I learnt so much and hope to master the art with an understanding of the basics under my belt.  I had hopes of capturing a glorious sunrise over the pacific ocean one morning but was greeted with the greyest of skies (not a picturesque cloud to be seen, just a blanket of grey!).  Who knew that the sun could actually just appear high in the sky without so much as a pink peek on the horizon?!  So one sacred sleep-in lost and some enthusiasm thwarted!

I so much want to gain some confidence with my photos, to look at them and be just a tiny bit impressed with what I can achieve.  You may have to persevere with me I'm afraid!

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