Wednesday, November 30, 2011

time travelling...

A vintage water cracker box, rusting around the edges, filled with stamps from every corner of the globe.  I knew this was in Dad's garage, I'd seen it many times before, but now I wanted to 'experience' it's contents.

And so he brought it around, and over a few evenings I explored the places that no longer exist (in name at least), to places that mean so much to me and hold so many precious memories, to places that sound exotic...some that sadly are now war torn and others recovering from such tragedy.

There are a few that go back many the late thirties, there are some that are quite quirky, many are more conservative and traditional.  All are works of art.

I soaked the remains of envelopes from their reverse.  Part of me didn't want to...there was hand writing belonging to those that I have loved and lost - the knowledge that, despite the years gone by, we had both touched this scrap of paper and admired the very same stamp.  There was a history far greater than the date on the stamp...there were stories of life that these little stamps helped to transport across the oceans, between continents.  More often than not, there was a letter or aerogram ending with 'loads of love and hugs' attached to these lovely stamps.

I watched my Mum tear the corner of envelopes and keep the stamps every time we received mail...I catch myself still doing it now.  I can only imagine the joy these little stamps delivered.

There is one little story I'll share in time...a little project for a few of these stamps that will see them travel across the seas once more and complete the loveliest of circles. 

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