Saturday, October 22, 2011

back to basics

I enjoy pottering in the kitchen...sometimes.  I must have time...time to enjoy the process and a 'want' to do so.  I'm lucky that my lovely Dad is such a good cook and my brother is a chef (and only a phone call away!).  I also learnt from my dear Mother that mastering the basics is so very important, especially when cooking isn't your 'thing'.  Perhaps she was spoilt with Dad spending time in the kitchen!

One of the first things that went into my 'glory box' was the Edmond's Cook Book...every good Kiwi girl should have one!  It's all about the basics and I use it all the time.  But this Donna Hay book, it's such a delight to turn the pages...delicious looking treats jump out at you.  I love Donna Hay and her style...fresh and simple and achievable!  I have a few of her beautiful recipe books, but I think I also 'need' this one...

Oh and I'm coveting this too!

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  1. oh I love Donna Hay. I haven't got the new one, will have to put it on the list!


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