Friday, September 23, 2011


There is something just so wonderful about receiving 'real' mail in the post.  The knowledge that someone you know and love has touched the paper, perhaps even the slightest fragrance from their perfume is revealed within the pages.  Knowing that there has been days in between when the stories were written on paper and the delivery at the other end...where life has gone on.  And yet, the moment the envelope is opened time steps back...just for a few moments.

I have always loved sending and receiving letters in the mail.  Perhaps that comes from growing up overseas before the internet gave us such instant contact with people.  As a little girl there was no greater treat than a letter from one of my chums at 'home'.  And the delight on my Mother's face when an aerogram from my Grandmother arrived.  My Father made the best postman ever (the initial deliveries were made to his office).

Encouraging and reigniting the passion for this lovely tradition is the gorgeous Postale Society.  It is such a treat when Frederick stops by on his quaint bicycle with a delivery...

I can hardly wait for the next time I hear that bicycle bell...even if it is in my imagination.

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