Sunday, July 3, 2011

finders keepers

The Old Museum Building is just the perfect place for the wonderful Finders Keepers Markets...the beautiful old building compliments the lovely creations displayed within so charmingly.

I wandered, and marveled, and wandered some more at all the creativity surrounding me.  There were so many beautiful stalls, so much inspiration...and so many people.  I wanted to capture the Postal Society's post box, vintage stamps and beautifully hand written postcards from a bygone era.  To capture the spirit of friendship between Kylie and Sarah and their little 'wait' collaboration.  To share the charm of letterpress loveliness by Bespoke Press.  And right next to that little post box...loose.leaf paper and oldyarns.

But there were so many people and I didn't want to get in the way of someone taking it all here's just a few photographs of this glorious old building and the delights within and some of the sweet purchases that came home with me.


  1. Very nice - I guess I missed it while I was away :-(

  2. oh how I miss the Finders Keepers Markets x


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