Wednesday, January 26, 2011

snuggles & cuddles

My heart is still bursting with such love for Zoraya...she's beautiful.  I savour every single cuddle and snuggle that I have...don't new babies just smell delicious?

It's been fun spoiling her many pretty things and such sweet little toys.  She arrived at 2.24am and my lovely Dad was out shopping for 'pink delights' by 8.30am, his treats lovingly wrapped and placed in an adorable 'baby' bag.  I'd spied this cute little elephant at Love Loans + Linens some months back...perfect for a boy or a girl!  As my sister-in-law has a soft spot for elephants, he's brought much entertainment to those that watch him toddling off down his little path!

And so I eagerly await the next round of hugs and kisses...

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  1. Dear Inkala,
    Thank you for leaving a comment to my blog for the calendarbook. This brought me to your blog and discover something I'm looking for a long time. I see a kind of cotton twine i really would like to stat importing into the USA, that it is not available over here. Can you please let me know the source of the red and white twine you use in some of your creations? I really appreciate any of your help.
    Thank you!


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