Wednesday, December 8, 2010

baby blue

Flowers from my gorgeous Dad...freshly picked from his garden.  Aren't they the most beautiful of cornflour blues?  I so adore this shade of, so different to the deep pink ones in my garden.

Such an appropriate colour too...a little voice woke me this morning on the end of the telephone..."Mummy's had the baby, a boy...his name is Robbie...yes, I've nursed him, he's quite heavy".  My sweet God-daughter Olivia, bless her little cotton socks, on the arrival of her new baby brother.  Isn't she lucky - an older brother and a baby one too!  Thankfully, the snow had eased slightly and the midwife didn't have to come by the farm in a tractor!

Welcome, baby Robbie I so wish you were closer for a snuggle...

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  1. They are beautiful! You're very luck to have such a sweet Dad! Enjoy the lovely day, Kellie xx


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