Sunday, November 7, 2010

finding treasures

Today has been the most loveliest of days!  A visit to the Finders Keepers markets in Brisbane has made me giddy with excitement and inspired so I'm almost bursting.  Such lovely, lovely treasures to behold...and whilst I'd like to keep them all (and show you too), some are gifts so I must keep them surprises!  There were new stalls to admire and favourites to return to...happy smiles, sweet little chats and a feast for the eyes more than I can describe!

My brown paper bags included little somethings from paper boat press, Bespoke Press, Loose Leaf Paper, Udessi and Little Jane St but truly, it could have included so many more.

And then there were chats and coffee with two dear friends...

May your weekend have been just as lovely!


  1. Thank you for showing us a preview of some of your purchases from today. The markets sound lovely.

    And thank you for a wonderful chat and coffee too ... :)

  2. A perfect day!! Should be more of them just like it!! :-)

  3. Oh, these are just lovely, the perfect selection, I would have chosen them too :) What a fantastic way to spend a day!

    Abby xx


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