Monday, October 18, 2010

busy little bee

It's dawned on me that the end of October isn't that far away...and I've been procrastinating!  For someone generally very organised, I've left my tax return to the last minute.  Ordinarily, it's not that hard or even difficult to bundle up my 'bits' and send it off to the tax agent - but this year, I'm building a business and it is complicated and it is time consuming and it doesn't interest me one little bit!  In an effort not to be afflicted with the same daunting task next year, I've built spreadsheets, entered data, filed and generally got things in order!  And I feel better for it...and it's one big hurdle in working through this new adventure I'm embarking's beginning to feel real!  So tomorrow I hope to post everything off and then begin on the much more exciting aspect...creating!

In order to escape from the ho-hum of the paperwork pile I did spend this morning out in the garden.  All this rain may have encouraged the weeds but it certainly ensured there a lots of lovely blooms and the grass is the most vibrant of greens!  The flame tree is budding, the grape vine is covering the pergola once more and I think the wisteria is soon to flower...the sun was shining and it was truly glorious.  

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  1. What an AMAZING photo Ingrid. Seriously that could have been taken by a National Geographic Photographer ...


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