Tuesday, October 20, 2009

home sweet home

I'm a 'home body'...for me, there is nothing better than pottering around home. Tomorrow I must return to work after three whole weeks of being at home...bliss! This time has allowed me to make some significant steps forward in my quest to be home more...slowly, slowly! So you could say I've been 'working' from home and it's an arrangement I'd like to make more permanent. I will continue to follow my dream...


  1. Sigh ..... Back to work.
    Fingers crossed you will be working from home permanently soon!! Wouldn't Miss Molly be happy!!!
    Your dream will be a reality .... these things just take time.
    Hope day 1 isn't too bad for you.

  2. Such a cute little house! How is Miss Molly??

  3. I'm convinced that you will make 'working from home' a permanent undertaking in the near future. Just keep following your dream until it becomes a reality ...


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