Monday, August 31, 2009

evoking memories

Just the faintest hint of the sweet smell of jasmine takes me back to my a moment in time that began a most wonderful childhood experience that lasted nearly five years. Close to midnight on July 24, 1982 I arrived, with my family, in Brunei, Borneo...and my very first recollection is the smell of the jasmine and frangipani in the home we were so graciously welcomed into. It was a truly life changing experience to live as an expat and immerse yourself in such a foreign culture - to create friendships that have lasted a lifetime and now cross the globe; to live a carefree and happy existence; exploring neighbouring countries and the gorgeous natural habitat just a handful of footsteps from our home. Each year as spring approaches that lovely fragrance takes me back to that moment in time...and the beginning of such a wonderfully idyllic family adventure.

we do not remember days...we remember moments
cesare pavese


  1. 2 of my favourite fragrances! What lovely memories :-)

  2. Hello! Me again!!
    Just thanking you again for taking such a lovely photo of my goldfish trinket box with jasmine in the background - its my giveaway this week! Have a look!!!!
    Cheers, Karen xo


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