Tuesday, February 28, 2017

finding gratitude

And so here we are...February already and the end of it to boot.

The year that was...the trials and challenges and the heartache.  Finding good things to focus on and surrounding myself with gorgeous souls has helped immensely in finding a balanced wellbeing.

Planning wonderfully exciting escapes to long ago cultures with a beautiful spirit and long held traditions has been such fun and the most lovely of distractions.  Remembering past holidays and thinking of sharing their stories in this space...even if it was so long ago.

Reminding myself that there is much to be grateful for and even more good things to unfold...that finding peace and balance and calm amongst the crazy is the best tonic to move forward on this journey with grace and determination.

so very grateful for an afternoon spent with this amazingly beautiful and inspiring friend.
and equally grateful that this little lady is on the mend.

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