Saturday, November 15, 2014

farm days...

One of my favourite places to be is my dear friend's farm.  Being that we live at opposite ends of the earth, spending time in this place is extra special.  This time it was a little different...I had semi planned this trip, although didn't commit to it until ten days before leaving home (the benefits of my every day world) for various reasons.  She on the other hand, had no idea I was coming!  This meant we just did 'farm things' (although we did squeeze in a few delicious meals out and about!)...we did the 'everyday' on the farm and I loved every minute of it.

We picked wild blackberries and took to the orchid for apples to make apple and blackberry crumble for sunday dinner.  We watched as a new calf, born during the night, was tendered to by its mother.  We played in the farm sheds with the dogs and wandered taking in the last of summer.

It was bliss and I hope my next visit isn't too far away because four and half days there just wasn't long enough!

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